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Samsung - Wall Mounted split systems

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Wall air-conditioners (split systems) are the most popular air-conditioners in the world. They ensure favorable climate conditions in apartments, cottages, offices, shops, they save you from the summer heat and clean the air. Split systems with heating mode are supplementary source of heat during cold periods.


Smart Wi-Fi — Control your air conditioner wherever you are

Samsung’s air conditioners with Smart Wi-Fi work around your schedule. You can operate them from your smartphone or computer. So, if you left your air conditioner on after leaving the house, use your smartphone to turn it off and help conserve energy. You can also turn on your air conditioner before you go home, so you arrive home to a perfectly cooled house. Enjoy the convenience of Smart Wi-Fi in the home as well: change modes, set the temperature and more, without getting up from the couch.

Samsung - Wall Mounted split systems

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